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Seven years ago, I was in an executive position - at 47 years of age I guess you could say I had made it to the top! However this was not bringing me great joy. I then started working with Jessica Rose. Her powerful teaching and wonderful support enabled me to profoundly change my life - much to the benefit of my health and happiness and to that of those around me. Along with me, there are many people around Canberra and Sydney who have been empowered in their lives by Jessica's skills as a teacher, facilitator, counsellor and friend.
Mike Taverner, Director, Taverner Minds - Trainers and Consultants to Rural Industries.

Jessica is a powerful facilitator and educator.
To experience her clarity, skill and vision is an exhilarating, life changing experience. The life skills she imparted to me at one of her courses over six years ago are as relevant today as they were then and have been instrumental in improving the quality of my life.
Wayne Lazarides, Managing Director - Advertising company, Sydney.

Jessica Rose assisted me to see what it was possible to achieve by making real connections with those around me. I find that having a better understanding of myself assists me to provide better leadership within my work team. For me and for others, Jessica provides a judgement-free, warm environment to examine our motives and behaviour patterns, with a view to making choices that enrich our lives and enable us to make a contribution where we choose.
Deirdre Russack, Australian Public Service Manager.

I am an information technology consultant, mainly working with government agencies. I have done a few of Jessica's courses and have found her to be a committed, down to earth and inspiring teacher. She teaches with love and compassion and draws on her personal experiences to reinforce her messages. From the courses, I have learned a lot about me, what makes me tick and what stops me from achieving my full potential. I am now much happier with my life and have better relationships with my family and friends. Thank you Jessica.
Chris Farrelley, IT Manager.

Jessica Rose has a rare ability to be with another individual. Her concentration and focus is total and she is insightful and affirming. When I have felt down and unable to continue, I know that Jessica has the skill to help me reconnect with my strengths, talents and courage. I have gained much from watching Jessica work with others. I see people who are desolate at the beginning of a conversation, move away with a sense of worth and wellbeing. I have found Jessica to be an inspired teacher and a clear and compassionate therapist and group leader.
Keren Griffith, Therapist and Teacher.

The work I have done with Jessica Rose over the past few years has completely transformed my life. I have come to know and value myself. I now live my life with passion and purpose. Jessica is one of the most loving and accepting people I know. She works with great compassion, wisdom and understanding. Jessica truly knows herself and values herself highly and this allows her to be with people authentically and lovingly.
Michelle Driscoll, Masseuse and Artist.

The success of a journey reflects in large measure the quality and experience of the guide, and the consequent growth in those who receive the guidance. Over the past five years, under Jessica's guidance, I have been nudged and drawn gently along my own trail, learning who I am, and about my relationships with others, while continuing to grow. Only in hindsight can I really appreciate how far I have travelled, and the importance of my guide on the journey.
Graham Ross, Biologist and Editor.

Jessica is a quietly powerful woman who since 1997 has guided and supported me on my journey to discover the 'real' me. With her enormously generous spirit, her insight, honesty, clarity, her abundant love and willingness to share her own journey, she has gently helped me to discover my inner beauty and that most precious gift of all - belief in myself.
Carole Ross, Mediator and Human Resources Consultant.

Jessica Rose's courses have enhanced, transformed even, my life in relationship with my husband, family, friends and myself. I see things differently. I do things differently. Jessica Rose is a teacher, friend, inspiration and role model. I give thanks for Jessica!
Faye Thornhill. Systems Analyst/Programmer.

This kind of work is unique and special. It offers us a rare opportunity to take the time to focus on and learn about ourselves which is something we don't often seem to do. The courses allow us to see more clearly where we have come from and they give more direction to where we are heading. Jessica Rose and her excellent support team provide a caring and nurturing environment for this incredible work to happen. Jessica is a wonderful facilitator and she gives you the tools to continue healing yourself long after the course has finished. The work is fun as well as challenging but the results are well worth it. It opens you up to yourself and others and simply changes your life. I would not have missed this for the world.
Jeff Evans, Composer and Musician.

Looking back at my life prior to doing my first Crossoads course with Jessica, makes me very conscious of and extremely grateful for the huge changes I've made, both within myself and in my circumstances. My life now is truly delightful. I feel alive and vibrant and connected to the world in a way that was totally unfamiliar to me in my past. I am now doing the work I love and am surrounded by gorgeous people in a beautiful city and I know in my heart I can deal with anything that comes along. I have loved sharing this journey with Jessica. She is wise, intuitive, intelligent, loving, gentle and a powerful teacher. A mentor who walks the talk and engenders amazing trust. When I started working with Jessica, I was a Senior IT Project Manager. As a consequence of doing the courses, I ventured into consulting. I then finally took the plunge and created my own business, doing what I really love.
Louise Mckay, Dog Trainer and Behavioural Therapist.

I thought there had to be something more to life. I was caught up in how everybody else wanted me to be. I didn't know how I wanted to be and I hadn't thought it was important. I started the Crossroads courses in 1996 - a journey back to myself. Jessica and her team listened and understood, even when I didn't understand myself. They taught me the skills to heal myself and showed me a new way of being. I now have the strength to be myself and experience the freedom and joy this brings. I now have real friendships and the confidence to design my life the way I want it to be. Jessica is intuitive, inspirational, gentle, loving and generous. She accepts you as you are and provides the framework which makes it possible to accept yourself and find your strength. Her courses are challenging, insightful and life changing. Jessica holds a safe place for you to do the healing you are ready to do.
Cate Adams, Graphic Artist.

I have known Jessica for seven years and am still impressed by her compassion and honesty. Jessica is an insightful teacher and counsellor and a woman of great integrity. She is a very caring and generous person who lives and breathes what she teaches. She is always open to learning from her associates, friends, teachers and clients. She has the ability to empower and support people to look within themselves for the answers they need to enrich their lives. I have learnt to trust my intuition and my abilities. I have discovered that I am a leader and that if I honour and trust myself and others, then people will give from the very depths of their being to achieve the needs of the moment.
Bev Tunks, Community Worker and Graphic Designer.

During the last seven years I have known and worked with Jessica Rose in a variety of roles - as a teacher, an advisor, a leader and as a friend. The powerful understanding and insight Jessica brought to the courses she conducted allowed me to come to an inner depth of discovery about myself. That discovery opened new, enriching pathways for me. Jessica's skill, gentleness and support is abounding. Through Jessica's guidance and grounded wisdom I gained much peace and joy and freedom and I continue to find that balance in my life.
(The Late) Julia Collins RN. RM. BN.

I did Jessica's courses at a time in my life when I was very unsettled - a time I think of as not being my 'best self.' Those courses have strengthened my sense of self, my self confidence and my inner being. Through Jessica's guidance I have faced and dealt with some of the dragons that used to affect my life and while I suspect there are more sleeping dragons that are likely to wake up, I now have resources to handle life issues that I never previously had. And I can always go back and repeat the courses. Jessica teaches in a very sensitive, intuitive and caring way. She is totally committed to helping people develop their life potential and I recommend her course to anyone with such an interest.
Helen Sims, Senior Officer ACT Public Service.