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Self Development Courses in Canberra

As we ride the rollercoaster of life, it’s important to have the skills to handle failures and knockbacks without losing confidence and giving up on ourselves.

Self development helps us to find a way through the obstacles that seem to block us from having what we want in our lives  With my Canberra courses, you can learn how to release yourself from the inhibitions that hold you back, so you can become the best possible version of yourself.

How can self development courses help you?

I have undertaken substantial training in areas of psychotherapy, counselling and mindfulness, culminating in an extensive knowledge of how our minds work. Throughout my education, I have discovered how self-awareness and subsequent self-management are the key to a fulfilling life both personally and professionally, for instance, how to:

  • Cope with change
  • Manage stress
  • Resolve conflict
  • Think creatively
  • Resolve problems
  • Build confidence
  • Overcome barriers to learning new skills
  • Manage time effectively
  • Accept and respect ourselves as we are now, while also taking opportunities to learn and grow.

Self development through establishing life goals and how to achieve them

By learning how to relinquish negative thought patterns and feelings of self-doubt, we can create a healthy, peaceful inner landscape. From this place we can clarify what we want in our life and develop powerful strategies to achieve it.

Establishing our goals is the first powerful step we need to take. It is clear then to work out what we have to do in order to achieve these goals. It is useful to do an inventory of our strengths and also the challenges which may get in the way of achieving these goals. We can then create a plan of action, so we don’t get distracted.

Get involved in my courses in Canberra today and find out how they can support you in your journey  

To get support in reaching your life goals don’t hold yourself back any longer; book in for a self development session in Canberra today. Contact me on 6281 1769 or email jessica.rose@tpg.com.au to find out more about how I can support you to reach your life goals.