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Working with Dreams


With Individuals and Groups

When you pay attention to your dreams,

you inhabit a much larger part of your soul.

                                                               Robert Bosnak

The way I work with dreams is called Embodied Imagination. It is a creative and therapeutic process, pioneered in the late 1970's by the Jungian analyst, Robert Bosnak. It is a radically new technique, based on neuroscience and on the phenomenological work of Carl Jung.

Embodied Imagination takes dreaming as the paradigm for working with images. It gives the dreamer the opportunity to experience imagination in the body through images, feelings and bodily sensations. It captures the transitory and ephemeral aspects of our dreaming material, including those that are beautiful, disturbing, sad, frightening, grotesque and comforting.

In a state between waking and dreaming, through empathic observation and mimicking, we enter the dream environment and explore it from a variety of perspectives. Letting go of habitual consciousness, allows us to become more aware of the wealth that is often hidden in our dreams and allows for something new, fresh and often surprising to emerge. Entering the dream as though it's unfolding now, moment by moment, brings it alive in a deep, fascinating and truly vibrant way.

After the different aspects and perspectives of the dream images have been explored, and the associated feelings anchored in the body, the feeling and body sensation of each of the images are held simultaneously in our awareness from time to time, until the next dream unfolds.

This process leads to a reorganisation of conflicting elements, into a more complex pattern which expands both our awareness and psychological flexibility and allows for something new and profoundly transforming to unfold.

This method is also powerful in working with memories and body symptoms.

In healing dreams - the physician within awakens

If you would like to work with dreams in this way either individually, or in a group, please give me a ring on 02 6281 1769 or email me at jessica.rose@tpg.com.au