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Communications and Change Management

The need for intervention and/or training in an organization is not always easy to recognise and then to acknowledge. Often the first signs are recognised by the organisation’s Human Resource section, showing up as:

= high staff turnover;
= above normal stress levels and/or sick leave;
= low morale and cynicism amongst staff;
= unresolved resentment amongst staff towards management;
= overt or covert conflict between staff members;
= staff underachievement.

Lack of effective communication within an organization is often at the root of these difficulties.

My expertise is in identifying the nature and extent of the communication difficulties in an organization and in being able to implement the appropriate interventions, in harmony with the vision and aims of the organization.

Every situation is different and needs to be approached from its own unique perspective. The following however are some general principles which shape the strategies for the successful outcome of any consultancy:

= the CEO and the Executive need to be fully committed to the project;
= the staff need to be involved in articulating their perspective on the
difficulties and encouraged to share their ideas about possible
= adequate resources need to be allocated over a sufficient length of time, to ensure that appropriate interventions are effectively integrated into the corporate culture.

I am happy to work with organizations who are fully committed to supporting appropriate interventions which will lead to sustainable long term change.