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A Vision for our Life

I’ve been facilitating Shana Bellin’s Power of Choice Course for Women for around 25 years. During this course we women reflect deeply about what it is that we truly want, both personally and professionally. We then take the time to set objectives and goals to manifest it in our lives.

When I started facilitating this course, I asked my two daughters ‘what do you think women really want?’ My 11 year old daughter thought for a bit and said ‘they want to be their own bosses, and do what they want to do, rather than doing what others think they should do.’ I thought this was a pretty good answer and turned to my 8 year old daughter with the same question. Her response was swift and certain ‘they want to scream.’

I have always loved their answers as they reflect both sides of the coin. We often want to scream when we either don’t know what we want, or we do know, but feel something is getting in the way.

It seems important to me that we have an overriding vision of what we want in our lives which reflects our values, what we stand for, and the contribution big or small that we wish to make this lifetime.

The vision that came to me after being a participant on a six month course thirty years ago, was ‘to contribute with others to the raising of consciousness on our planet.’ I see my vision as my compass and to the best of my ability, it is always facing true north. Because it is always in my awareness — as a backdrop to how I live my life, it helps me to stay on track when I’m tempted to behave in ways that are disempowering to myself or others.

Creating a vision for our life is a powerful support in helping us stay centred in what is most important to us both personally and professionally, in the face of the inevitable challenges of being human. If we’re passionate about our vision, it will also draw us to it, like a powerful magnet.

Stephen Covey says that ‘the most important thing is to keep the most important thing, the most important thing.’ The challenge of course is to first find and then source our lives from this ‘most important thing.’

If we can do this, we will be the author of our own life and as my daughters said, ‘be our own boss’ and therefore not ‘want to scream’

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