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Canberra Counselling Services to Achieve Personal and Professional Fulfilment  

The purpose of my organisation is to join with others to contribute to the transformation of consciousness on our planet.

My contribution is made through Individual and relationship counselling and psychotherapy, mindfulness stress reduction courses, working with dreams, finding meaning in the Second Half of Life, public speaking for women, and other courses.

Counselling to develop an empowering relationship with yourself and those around you

If you're struggling to find inner peace, or building the confidence to reach your goals, or have relationship challenges, I can help you. I offer a counselling service that gives you the guidance to find your way through those complex conflicting emotions and inhibiting states of fear and self-doubt.

I have studied and worked with many counsellors and psychotherapists, and have the training and experience to help you work through confusion, uncertainty and anxiety and also learn the very useful life skills that come from mindfulness meditation. I also offer courses in self-development to help you tackle those barriers that get in the way of achieving your goals.

I have a wealth of experience in psychotherapy practices

Harnessing more than 40 years of experience in the combined fields of psychology, sociology, counselling and psychotherapy, and having trained with leading counsellors and psychotherapists in Canberra and beyond, I have the skills to empower individuals and couples to become aware of what is most important to them and to assist them in their journey to personal and professional fulfilment.

As a psychotherapist and counsellor, I offer clients effective practices that can truly transform their lives.

Find out how I can help you today

For support in finding your way through challenging situations, call me today. I am a psychotherapist based in Lyons, Canberra, offering psychotherapy and counselling services to all those looking firstly to recognise and then to develop the skills to move beyond the barriers which prevent them from having what they want in their life.


Jessica Rose and Associates is based in Lyons, Canberra, ACT, Australia


Phone: 0419 214 903  (please leave a message)

Email: jessica.rose@tpg.com.au